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2024 - 20254 SEASON (Starts in November)


This registration is for trying out for one of our National Traveling Club Teams (girls).

Tryout dates: vary by age, see the Tryout Page for date and time by age group.


To learn more about our different team types, visit our Girls Club Volleyball page

Before registering go to the Tryout Information to page to determine your tryout date, and tryout legal age group. 

1. Register

2.  Check -in

3. Tryout

The "Early Bird' registration fee is $75 for registrations placed before or on June 15, 2024 at midnight.


The regular registration fee is $100 for registration placed after June 15, 2023 

An online registration account needs to be set up and completed for each athlete. In multiple players households a parent can start the registration but will then be asked to create profiles for each player. Each player should have their own profile account as this is how we track you during the tryout process. 

The registration process will take you through several steps. You will need to complete a player profile, previous experience, upload a head shot, and complete payment. 

*The tryout registration fee is non-refundable. 


You will receive a confirmation that your registration is complete. you should print this confirmation and bring it to tryouts in order to check-in.  It will contain a tryout number that will be used to track you during tryouts. 

On tryout day

  • You must check-in during the time noted on the website.

  • You will go to check-in desks and present your registration receipt

  • You will receive a tryout number that should match the number assigned to you during the online registration process.

  • You will receive a tryout tshirt. The number should be placed on the tshirt and worn for the duration of the tryouts

  • You will be directed to an area where you will get your tested (height, vertical) and get sized for uniform apparel. 

  • Once sizing is complete you will proceed to the gym area to self warmup until the official tryout start time. 

Players should of arrived at the "check-in' time designated on the website and started their self warm-up. Tryouts will start at the designated time following check-in. Players should not attempt to show up at just the tryout time as you will not have enough time to be processed in order to participate. 

Players will be divided into courts to participate in drillis and scrimmages. Players will move to different courts throughout the tryout for evaluation purposes


Players will be called off during the tryout period and told the team they have been selected for. Your parents will need to be present,  asked to commit to the team and to submit a deposit of $500 in order to secure your spot. Season fee's will be shared with the family upon consideration before committing to the season. If you leave without accepting the position, or putting down a deposit, we will not be able to hold your position and it will be given to the next eligible player.

Helpful Links

Register here for the upcoming Girls club season. 


What to expect during the tryout process


Our club handbook helps establish club rules expectations, and safety measures



Tryout information and dates by age


Parents play an important part of each season. Learn how to get involved. 

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