Girls Indoor Club Volleyball

Girls Club volleyball is available for players ages 8-18. Club volleyball organizations offer programs and training for athletes interested in the sport of volleyball. Clubs may very by the number of teams they offer at each age group and the level of competition they play. We offer three programs. Each provides a different level of competitiveness, time commitment,  travel and of course cost. Our elite teams are able to compete with the top programs across the country. Our training is one of the best in Central Florida, we have trained numerous prep and collegiate standouts.  Over 95% of the athletes that play college ball came from a club system. Come play with the best. 

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Teams compete from November through May/Juy depending on their ability to move into post-season play. Players must tryout in August to make a team.


Travel teams are the most competitive of the three programs. Players are trained to compete at an elite level. This programs requires traveling to tournaments  regionally, as well as a some nationally where they will get to compete against some of the nations best.   Players also  participate in strength and conditioning to prepare them for this level. 

Teams participating in scheduled qualifiers have the opportunity to earn a bid to the USA Girls Junior National Championships (host city changes each year) In addition, teams play in the AAU Girls National Championships held each year in Orlando

While it is a big commitment, players in this program go on to be high school standouts and a good percentage go on to play at the collegiate level.  We provide provide recruiting assistance to help players achieve their dreams. 


Teams compete from November through May/June.  Players must tryout in August to make a team. 

This program mirrors our traveling programming with a few exceptions. This program limits it's travel to local and regional tournaments. Since Florida is a hot bed for volleyball, players still face tough competition but it is done regionally. 

Regional play goes through May with some teams electing to play in the AAU Girls National Championships .

This program does not include the strength and conditioning, or setter specialty training required in the travel program. 

This program  tends to attract beginning players looking to start their club experience as well as more talented players who want the training and competition but not the travel. 


Teams compete in September add October. This shortened season is a good introduction to full club, No tryouts are required. Players are placed on team according to ability. 

 It is designed to accommodate two types of players. The first is new players seeking to try out the sport in a relaxed friendly environment. It is a development program that introduce players to skills and concepts they can then use in one of the 8 tournaments they will participate in during the mini season.  It gives them a feel for what playing "Club is all about and prepares them for the full season if they elect to tryout. 

The second is for existing players looking to hone their skills further prior to club. They may be substituting it for their current school program, or supplementing it to their school program to get more repetition and competitio prior to the start of club.  

Either way players will be placed and challenged beaed on their ability

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Club volleyball was created for athletes to continue playing after the regular school season.       

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What to consider when choosing whether to play club volleyball. 

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Our club handbook helps establish club rules  expectations, and safety measures. 

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Our club has partnered with Sports Recruits to help our athletes fulfill their dreams of playing in college 

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Game Point Events Center (formerly the OSC) will be the home of Game Point Volleyball. Check out our ammenities

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2021 - 2022 COACHES

Presenting this years coaching staff. We are proud of the depth of experience this group has to offer. 

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Looking to grow your game? Lessons are available.