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Game Point Volleyball Club Philosopy

Game Point is a for profit organization dedicated to the development of junior age volleyball athletes. Besides acquiring advanced skills and improving performance levels, players will learn the value of teamwork, responsibility, motivation, and discipline. The club is also committed to the development of volleyball in Florida by providing a showcase and support system for young women intending to extend their volleyball careers to college and beyond.

Playing time is based on practice and event performance. Playing time is not guaranteed. Court time at major competitions may be geared toward the best possible lineup. Local court time may be more evenly distributed.

Game Point Volleyball Goals
  • To train and educate young athletes in the sport of volleyball.

  • To be dedicated to the development of teamwork, communication, sportsmanship and work ethic.

  • Through high level training and national competition to also strive to give all seniors an opportunity at obtaining college scholarships.

  • For players still in high school, to provide top level training which will allow each player to participate successfully on their varsity high school teams.

  • To teach every athlete to be the best player they can be, in a positive, productive environment

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