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Sandra Bernal

Sandra was originally born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, but grew up in Boynton Beach, Florida. Starting her volleyball career in 5th grade, Sandra inherited her love for the sport from her dad and her heritage. She attended Somerset Academy Canyons High School where she was a founding team member of the school's volleyball program, rounding out her three years on Varsity as Co-Captain. Additionally, she completed two years of competitive play with FINS Volleyball Club and finished her senior year at Rival Volleyball in 2017.
Describe collegiate playing career, accomplishments, and accolades: -
Describe professional career: years, clubs, accomplishments and accolades: Sandra earned her Bachelor's degree in English Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida in Spring 2020, and is currently pursuing a career in editing and publishing.
Describe your coaching experience, include notable championships: This is Sandra's third year coaching with Game Point, and is continuously grateful for the opportunity to pursue her passion for the sport through coaching.

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