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Manuel Narvaez

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Manuel Narváez is a former international basketball player and a former National Player for the Puerto Rican National Team. He has dedicated his time to mentoring and advising basketball and volleyball coaches, student-athletes, and athletic directors for many years.

In his role as Physical Education and Athletic Department Advisor for several schools in Osceola and Hillsborough counties for a Charter Management Company, National Educational Partners, Manuel helped build strong sports foundations with limited resources. He has also led multiple school sports programs in the Athletics Department and Physical Education, where he taught a variety of sports and prepared the curriculum. Manuel has also assisted his school's volleyball teams.

Manuel grew up in Naranjito, Puerto Rico, and moved to the Orlando area in 2015 after winning back-to-back championships in Puerto Rico and a championship in Central America as a reinforcement player, earning the MVP award.

With over 15 years of basketball coaching experience, Narváez has authored several books, including a youth leadership and motivational book and a journal for student-athletes to use for planning and reflection.

Since retiring from basketball in 2015, Manuel has continued to serve the sports community by providing mentorship to coaches and sports clubs. He will soon be publishing his third book, "Basketball Coaching Principles."

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