Greg Hughes

14 Elite - Greg / 17 Premier

Coach Greg has over 17 years of experience as a volleyball coach.

He began his volleyball career in a collegiate setting where he played for Hunter College. Even after college, Greg still travels and plays volleyball as a BB player. Greg is a left handed setter ranked BB for USAV and NAGVA. Recently, Greg coached for Force Volleyball Club In San Antonio TX was coaching 17/s Select team and was in Gold brackets for all tournaments in year 202o/2021. Greg also coached clinics for Legacy Volleyball in Tampa. He previously coached for five seasons at the RGV Juniors club in Texas. He also coached for 15 elite, 17 elite, and 18 Nationals. As the head coach, Greg won many tournaments. He won the gold bracket in Indianapolis for 17's elite and for 18's Nationals in Las Vegas. Coach Greg has had 4 Bids to nationals. While in New York, Greg coached for Club Starlings for 6 years as the head coach for age brackets of 15’s to Elite 18’s. Greg was also on the Board for Gotham Volleyball in NYC where he was a tournament director. There he taught volleyball class to adults. For 10 years he coached adult volleyball teams that would travel for NAGVA.