Charlie Negron

Coach Charlie Negron was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, in which he had his foundation for athletics. He played many sports in high school such as volleyball, basketball and track & field. He then went on to play college basketball, volleyball and track and field at the university of Puerto Rico.
After several years he returned to volleyball because of his children: Joanivette, Juancarlos, and Johan. Coach Charlie has been coaching for more than 20 years, between high school and club programs (Tavares high school, Lake Brantley high school, Seminole high school, University high school – Orange city), as well as coaching and developing high performance athletes for national teams.
It has been a gratifying experience to aid in the character development of young student-athletes. as head coach of high school and club teams and as an assistant coach for high performance team Florida, coach Charlie has recognized that volleyball can be rewarding by forming athletes in their mental, social, technical and tactical skills that allow them to develop and to achieve their college and career goals.

• NFHS interscholastic coach certified
• USAV cap i certified
• USAV cap ii certified
• USAV beach impact certified
• Positive Coaching Alliance – double-goal coach iii: developing triple-impact competitors*
• 2015 – USAV Jr. National Championship, silver medal 13 club, TS 13 Elite*2020 -
• AAU Boys National Championship, silver medal 15 open, 352 Elite 15 lime
AAU Boys National Championship 16 open, 352 Elite 16 lime