Murilo Toscano Teixeira

Profession: Professional Beach Volleyball Athlete and Coach


The athlete Murilo Toscano participated in the 1993 Bank of Brazil beach volleyball circuit and
completed in 2009, a 16 year career. Having represented Brazil in dozens of international and
national tournaments, he was chosen the best beach volleyball player of the World in the
tournament of Vitória - ES Brazil in 2001, and along with the partner Klepper, were chosen
team revelation of the world in 2001, received An award from Itamaraty on the
recommendation of the Brazilian Embassy in Kiev (Ukraine), which won a tournament of the
world beach volleyball circuit. Triple champion of the Lausanne International tournament in
Switzerland and World Champion in Xylokastro in Greece and best player of the tournament in
Athens in 2002. He has partnered with several icons of Brazilian volleyball, among them the
Olympic Medalists Márcio, Tande (gold medal in 1992 – Barcelona, volleyball indoor) and
Marcelo Negrão (gold medal in 1992 – Barcelona, volleyball indoor).


He has coached several world-renowned athletes, Harley Marques, Alvaro Filho, Jan Souza,
Para, Benjamin, Georg Emmerich, Adriano Garrido, Lula, Maria Elisa, Carol, Raquel.


He held a volleyball school for 50 needy children for 3 years, teaching beach volleyball and
indoor volleyball.


Graduated in Brazil in Nutrition (4 years) with specializations Clinical Nutrition and in Sports


Season 2019/2020 as coach 10, 12 years and coach of the High School training team at Driven
Volleyball Club.