Lucian Chenard

Lucian (51)  was born in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) where he'd played competitive volleyball since 6th grade.  His first coaching opportunity was with a small christian college in Canada in 2007.  Following his career as a software developer / systems analyst, Lucian moved his family to Orlando, FL in 2009 and has been coaching here for the past 12 years. 


Under the guidance of head coach Todd Dagenais, Lucian has also been involved with NCAA D1 University of Central Florida serving as a volunteer assistant.for 2 years and with their camps program for 10 years.

Lucian and his wife Diana are parents of 4 young adults, three of which are now in college.  Lenore and Chantel are both coaching here at Game Point while they study at the University of Central Florida and Erica has just completed her senior year at Ave Maria University where she played volleyball on a full scholarship.  They also have a son, Nicholas who plays.  All four have had the honor of playing on teams that have won national championships (AAU and USAV).  As a coach, Lucian has led teams to the final four on three occasions.  Internationally, all three of the girls have won Canadian National Championships.

Lucian, Diana and their son Nicholas are all certified referees (volleyball) in the Florida region


Lucian is currently serving as assistant to Sindee Snow helping with player recruitment, tournament video / live stream events as well as coaching